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The Boomers Are Coming!!

Commons Development Co.(CDC) is based in Overland Park, KS. Our primary focus is the development and design of Green/Smart Technology "LongLife Communities" on a nationwide scale. Two years ago the company's market and research division identified the next long term commercial construction boom will be in providing places to live for the Boomer Generation.

78,000,000 Boomers started hitting the market in 2011 and will continue through the year 2030. An entire generation of people who will expect and demand far more from life than their parents and grandparents did.

Laura L. Carstensen, Ph.D., a member of the Psychology Department at Stanford University and Founding Director of the Stanford Center on Longevity, has a unique perspective and understanding, and endorses our vision:

"It is ... impossible to design for the needs of this gigantic generation without understanding their cultural milieu and considering the transformative cultural changes that are bound to occur when one-third of the population is over 65. This age distribution has never happened in human history, so it is no wonder that we are somewhat uncertain as to how we should proceed with the design of whole new cities for the Boomers and their families. KU’s initiative, I believe, is inventive enough to begin to analyze the full complexity of the immense task before the United States of building new cities for millions of people. Because the approach is interdisciplinary, I believe that the University of Kansas can attract significant funding for research projects in aging, culture, and built environment and build a meaningful teaching and research reputation around this topic.

The initiative at KU has been very fortunate to have the support of the Commons Development Company (CDC) which provided funds to bring in a first class group of outside experts on aging this spring and furnish the new laboratory in Snow Hall for the project. The CDC, under the leadership of Lee Foster, has been especially broad-minded in its interest in working with the University of Kansas. Its understanding of KU’s strategic initiative encourages research that reaches out to our communities and solves real problems. The CDC has plans to build 20 “New Cities Longlife Communities” and envisions establishing research units in each one of these communities, which would help carry on the outreach research mission of the University with KU staff situated in the communities themselves. These research laboratories would certainly have a chance to make significant contributions to our understanding of aging, culture, and the built environment. This would allow the use of data collected in a “Real Time” scenario."

The concept of LongLife Communities is complex, multi-faceted and ground breaking. Baby Boomers will have needs and requirements unique to their generation. They will be healthier and live longer, be more active, and require a level of quality and complexity not provided thus far in the retirement industry. Today's facilities are ill-prepared for the coming wave.

As you explore our website, you'll discover why we feel the pending Baby Boomer retirement bubble will be the challenge of our generation... and why Commons Development Company and its partners are facing the challenge head-on.

Our Vision & Mission

Commons Development Company (CDC) set out to solve one of the biggest challenges of our time – the impending retirement of the Baby Boomer generation.  The ‘Boomer Bubble’ is sizeable, unique, and the current retirement paradigm will be completely insufficient.

Our solution is to re-invent the concept of retirement.  CDC is based in Overland Park, KS. Its primary focus is the development and design of green & smart technology, LongLife Communities on a nationwide scale.

Two years ago the company's marketing and research division identified the next long-term commercial/construction boom will be in providing places to live for the Boomer generation. Seventy-eight million Boomers will start hitting the market in 2011, and the surge won’t slow down until the year 2030. It’s a generation of people who expect and will demand far more from life than their parents and grandparents did.

In order to meet this incredible need, CDC has assembled a group of problem solving companies, and recruited a major Midwest academic institution, Kansas University, to create a first of it's kind, LongLife Communities footprint, which will include the following components: community center, market apartments, senior market, assisted living, skilled nursing, acute care, aqua center, Physicians’ Art building, amphitheater, chapel, hotel, indoor and outdoor health center, parks, hiking & biking trails, driving range, tennis courts, Continuing Education Center and complimentary retail.

Included will be a university-administered, 20-year long-term research studio and a development & funding study program, designed to solve problems encountered by Boomers and their families in real time.

CDC has over 120 years of combined construction, development and marketing experience ranging from single/multi-family subdivisions, commercial retail, medical, education and industrial alternate energy applications.

Today’s Baby Boomers are out of the Wall Street mindset and looking for tangible, more reliable return on their investment.  Commons Development Company is providing a solution that will address most or all of the needs of the Baby Boom generation.  Residents won’t come because they’re sick; they’ll live here TO STAY WELL.




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